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An encapsulated natural aggregate surface with a smooth troweled finish. Perfectly meets current demands for sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) whilst ensuring a stunning surface. A vast range of aggregate and colour options giving endless design capabilities.

The construction of a resin bound driveway will require :

  • The excavation of the existing ground to a depth of approx. 300mm - 350mm.

  • 200mm - 250mm layer of 'Type 1 MOT' crushed concrete is placed for the stability and drainage requirements.

  • A sub-base layer of approximately 70mm - 80mm of Tarmac.

  • Finally 20mm of the chosen resin aggregate mix applied and smoothed to a trowel finish.

There are design options that can be applied in the final step of applying the resin aggregate mix that can incorporate special design features, such as shapes, circles, curves, letters and numbers.

Depending on your chosen overall design, the necessary edging, kerbs and steps are installed in line with the overall process.


  • Durable - Hardwearing and long lasting.

  • Seamless Finish - Ideal for disabled access, children, pushchairs and bicycles.

  • Permeable - Does not gather or collect puddles.

  • Low Maintenance - Very little or no maintenance required.

  • Colour Stable - Colour remains true in sunlight.

  • Smooth Finish - Smooth finish with no loose stone.

  • Crack and Oil Resistant - Minimises puddles, ice and number of joints for weeds to grow.

  • Selection - A vast range of colour options, shapes, patterns, curves, circles, letters and numbers giving limitless design capabilities.

  • 5 Year Guarantee*


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