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  • Do I need to get planning permission ?
    Planning permission is now required to lay traditional impermeable driveways that allow uncontrolled runoff of rainwater onto the roads because this can contribute to flooding and pollution of watercourses. To find out more about whether you need planning permission for your driveway click here. New Government planning legislation Department for Communities and Local Government, guidance on the permeable surfacing of front gardens. “On 1 October 2008, the Government introduced changes to the General Permitted Development Order, making the hard surfacing of more than five square metres of domestic front gardens permitted development only where the surface in question is rendered permeable. Use of traditional materials, such as impermeable concrete, where there was no facility in place to ensure permeability, requires an application for planning permission.” Planning permission NOT required If the area of hard surface is constructed using a permeable product there is no limit to size in this case. Standard impermeable paving can be used if provision is made for rainwater from traditional impermeable hard landscaping to drain into a soft landscape such as grass or border planting with sufficient permeability, or into a specially constructed soakaway. If the area of hard surface intended is less than 5 square metres. The new legislation only affects front garden areas. Elsewhere around the house there are no restrictions on hard surfaces at or near ground level. Planning permission IS required If rainwater from the impermeable hard surface at ground level has nowhere to run other than into the household drainage system or on to the public highway. If the property intended for work is a listed building. Conservation areas, World Heritage sites, National Parks and Areas of outstanding natural beauty may have some restricted permitted development rights for householders. Better to enquire in advance in such circumstances. It is the homeowners’ responsibility to apply for planning permission.
  • How long does it take to construct and what's involved ?
    As always this depends on the size of the job however we have various different teams that specialise in different fields of work to ensure your works are completed efficiently and to the highest standards.
  • Is the work guaranteed ?
    Yes, all our work is guaranteed for 5 years from the date of completion, we've been in business for over 25 years and still going strong!
  • Can the paving be sealed ?
    We recommend it should be sealed every two (2) years or as appropriate based on wear so as to maintain its original appearance. The block paved or slab area should be pressure washed first to remove the old sealant. See our Maintenance Services for more information.
  • Is it OK to pressure wash block paving to clean it ?
    Yes, but care needs to be taken so as not to wash away the kiln dried sand in the block paving joints as well as removing any sealant (if applied). See our Maintenance Services for more information.
  • Can damaged blocks be replaced ?
    Yes they can, but this needs to be done by our installers to prevent further damage. See our Maintenance Services for more information.
  • How does the water drain away ?
    This depends on the type of work you are having done - If it is an impermeable drive or patio then the correct drainage solutions will have to be put in place to make sure water is carried to the necessary drains or flower beds. - if it is a permeable drive or patio then any water will drain directly in the ground. Regardless of the work undertaken we ensure that no water will lay on the surface and cause problems such as flooding or damp. Learn more about Permeable Paving solutions and Drainage.
  • How much does it cost ?
    Without discussing with you your needs as well surveying the area as to works required, it is very difficult to give exact prices. Please get in touch and arrange for us to visit and provide you with a FREE CONSULTATION and QUOTATION . Simply call us on 020 8508 5060 or 020 8508 1164 or use Contact Us.
  • What areas do you cover ?
    Forest Drives primarily work in Loughton, Woodford, Chingford, Chigwell, Buckhurst Hill, Theydon Bois, Epping, Ongar and other parts of Essex as well as into Hertfordshire; Sawbridgeworth, Bishops Stortford, Hertford and surrounding areas and into London (Middlesex).
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