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Section 6.3 - Aftercare and Maintenance for all surfaces

General Maintenance

Your Resin Bound, Resin Bonded, Block Paved or Stone surface should be regularly swept clean, at least once a month, removing leaves and detritus material in order to prevent staining, moss and or weed growth.

If the surface has been contaminated with by grease, oil or gum and such like, these are best removed with the appropriate removal products.

In order to keep your surface looking its best and to prevent staining any moss or weed growth it should be treated using an appropriate herbicide or weed killer. Any ingrained algal growth can be removed using an appropriate paving cleaner.

Please note that staining may occur from tanning if surfaces are not kept clean from leaf debris, twigs, conkers and such like.

Resin Bound or Resin Bonded Surfaces

The colour of the original Resin surface can be restored by applying a strong bleach solution. The bleach solution should be applied in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines and local environmental constraints. After application with the bleach the surface must be rinsed well using clean water or lightly jet (pressure) washed.


Ice and Frost

Salt can be used on the surface to help eliminate ice and frost. Once weather conditions return to normal the salt/grit needs to be washed off thoroughly to remove all traces.


Periodic Cleaning

General cleaning of the surface can be carried out by cold water pressure washing, to remove dirt and grime from the surface. This should be carried out every two to four years, or earlier if required.

When using a pressure washer or jet washer to clean your surface, great care should be taken to prevent damage to the surface with excessive water pressure. The water should be applied using a fan type lance which should be kept a minimum of 200mm above the surface.

  1. Where Block Paving has been pointed with kiln dried sand the cleaning of the block paved surface will dislodge some of the sand and over time this will be required to be re-pointed with kiln dried sand swept into the joints, the surface compacted using a wacker plate/compactor once the surface has dried out.

  2. Non-permeable block paving and stone can be re-sealed using either a acrylic or resin sealant to improve the maintenance of your surface, this can be applied once the surface has been cleaned and re-pointed.

  3. We recommend that the services described in 1 & 2 above, are carried out by Forest Drives to ensure that your drive stays in top condition.

If the surface is contaminated with any cement or concrete marks these can be removed using dilute hydrochloric acid or a proprietary cement remover. In all cases we recommend that a small area is carried out first to confirm suitability. After application of the suggested treatments the surface must be rinsed well using clean water or lightly jet (pressure) washed.

Oil stains should be removed as soon as possible using a mild detergent as required to prevent possible staining and degradation of the surface.

Pressure/Jet Washer Usage Guidelines

A cold water pressure (jet) washer using up to a maximum 150 bar rating can be used. It is recommended that a fan type lance that is kept at a minimum of 200mm above the installed surface is used. Care should be taken however to prevent damage to the surface with excessive water pressure.

Block Paved or Stone Surfaces

  • Extra care should be taken not to damage any pointing/jointing in the surface therefore it is important that the pressure rating and height above the surface are adhered to, failure to do so, may result in jointing/pointing becoming dislodged.

  • Where kiln dried sand has been used as jointing/pointing some of this will naturally be displaced by the washing, however not adhering to the recommended pressure rating and height above the surface may displace a considerable amount of sand, which will need replacing to ensure the integrity of the installation remains intact.



Our resin bound, resin bonded, block paved or stone surface has been designed for normal domestic, pedestrian and vehicular traffic use. Therefore, protection should be provided wherever possible against abnormal usage.

Abnormal usage would be classed as heavy objects such as skips, these should not be dragged across the surface, the resin bound surface must be protected in this instance to avoid any impact damage, staining, and such like. It is also recommended that point load form heavy objects such as motorbike stands etc. are avoided.

Light coloured surface blends may show tyre marks, removal by pressure washing as detailed herein may be required.


Repairs after Damage

Should the surface become damaged we recommend that repairs are carried out as soon as possible. We are able to help you with this please call us on 020 8508 5060 or 020 8508 1164 or by using Contact Us to get a quote.


Duty of Care

The information given here is provided as a guide to assist customers with the aftercare and maintenance of their resin bound, resin bonded, block paved or stone surface post installation. Forest Drives ("Forest Drives Limited") cannot accept responsibility for how these guidance notes are carried out. The duty of care for maintaining the surface is that of the owner. Forest Drives reserves the right to void any warranty given if these aftercare and maintenance instructions are not strictly adhered to.


More Information or Help

If you have any specific questions regarding the maintenance and aftercare of your Forest Drives installation, then please call us on 020 8508 5060 or 020 8508 1164 or get in touch by using Contact Us.

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